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Re: More movies...

I saw _Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy,_ which was a funny and clever movie, but not an especially, um, probing documentary. The biggest irony, I guess, is that it was very short. By that, I mean it was about 75 minutes [get your mind out of the gutter].

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We saw The Ring, 8 Mile and Bend It Like Beckham (also a title that is really too easy to porn-ize).

The Ring was spooky and not to badly done. I'd like to see Ringu, the Japanese original.

8 Mile was not too bad a movie about an angry, scared misogynistic person. Kudos for showing himself frightened to the point of throwing up before his first rap slam (or whatever it's called).

Bend It Like Beckham was a cute, sweet, light-weight movie about an Indian girl in London who wants to play soccer much to her very traditional Indian parents' dismay and chagrin. And she falls for her coach, of course, to add to the dramatic tension. David Beckham is the England's best soccer player and is married to Posh Spice (Victoria), which no one in the US knows because were stupid about soccer.

Seen any good movies lately?