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Re: Re: Hello from North of Chicago! ...and Bills' draft

Leave it to you Jeff to take an innocent post like Patt***'s and turn it into something sexual. Don't ever change my friend. Maybe Daphne is available on high speed porn.

The Great Fulfan

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You know what they say, Patt*** ... High speed access = High speed porno! And I'd bet that the hotel's Spectravision reps are none too happy that the chick/dude at the desk is cutting into their business by giving away Internet access kits.

Well, at least you'll have some extra dough to spend on the minibar, I guess. But be sure to keep it in moderation, or you'll be putting the "Ill" in Illinois.

Doing my best to put the Noise in Illinoise,


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Hey, folks!

I'm in Illinois for a week of training, and get this, I have FREE, high speed cable access to the Internet from my ROOM (who knew? Then again, I am behind the times)!!! I'm such a happy geek right now... There is a business lab down by the hotel desk, but when I asked about hours, they asked me if I had my own laptop, handed me a cable and directions, and here I am! Woo woo!

I was very pleased to see that Buffalo picked up Willis McGahee as their first round draft pick. I don't know what kind of guy he is as an individual, but he could do great things for the Bills (if he doesn't re-injure himself). Jo and I were watching the Bowl game when he was so horribly injured, so we were thrilled just for the fact that he recovered so well and was drafted at all, let alone by Buffalo

I'll write more as the week progresses--from my room! Yay!