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Girls' Talk
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Great photos, Jeff! I had a incredibly groovy time hanging out with everyone. What a fantastic group of people. En route to Rochester, Mark & I stopped in Geneseo and I got the grand tour, including the infamous Idle Hour. When I can get my sorryin gear, I will be posting a lovely photo album of the wedding weekend (interspersed with some semi-pretentious arty shots). So please folks, let me have your email addresses so I can notify you when the album is completed.

Re: Hey!

Welcome aboard, Marcy! It was great to see you, too. Steve tells me that he and Laura are stopping by the Big Apple this week, and that he hopes to see you and Mark. While he's there, see if you can't get him to pose for a picture in that "More Meat Matters" T-shirt he told us about. It will make the perfect complement to the "semi-pretentious artsy shots" for your online photo album. Can't wait to see your pictures ... You can send my notification to

Re: Re: Hey!

Hi, Marcy!

It was wonderful meeting you and spending time with you, Mark and everyone. What a blast that weekend was!

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. My e-mail address is Thanks, and see you again...

patt* (Patty!)