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Dan Bern

Hi, Kids --

After hearing glowing reviews from Sweet Meat and Laura, I was compelled to check out this "Dan Bern" fellow. I had a gift card for Borders, plus a 20 percent off coupon, so I snagged three of his discs for a whopping $1.95.

And it's been worth every penny.

So far, I like the "50 Eggs" album best for the cheerful vulgarity of songs like "Tiger Woods," "One Thing Real," and the monkey-business classic "No Missing Link." But, then, I'm a sucker whenever Smart, Silly, and Obscene stuff all kinda get thrown together in a big musical blender.

The other two discs that I got are "New American Language" and "Fleeting Days," which are either toned down to be more commercial, or equally as ambitious and clever as "Eggs," but in more of a "King of America"-era Elvis Costello style. I'll have to listen a few more times before I'm sure.

Either way, it was money well spent.

And Sometimes I wish I was Tiger Woods ...

Re: Dan Bern

Sounds like you found a good one... There is a guy in our area who Christine and Orlando have seen (and I can't think of his name) who sounds similar. I think he appears in Rochester, too. When I think of his name, I'll post it...


Re: Re: Dan Bern

John Valby--that's it! It takes a while now, but eventually my brain kicks in. He's been around a long time, so you probably already know of him, but... Okay, looking at his web page, he doesn't look as edgy as this Dan Bern sounds, but hey, I'm trying to contribute something here...


Re: Re: Re: Dan Bern

Yeah, I've heard of John Valby. "Dr. Dirty" they used to call him, and I think that Scott E. from Geneseo was a fan.

Dan Bern can be offensive, too, but in a different way. He seems to have a lot of depth, and his rude stuff is more of the young, smarty pants variety. His roots are more in folk than in vaudville. I've been listening to two of his discs really a lot since picking them up, and I must say that I am completely impressed. He has a Web site as well:

I am quite thankful to Laura and Sweet Meat for introducing be to Bernstein. Patty, you'd like him a lot, since you know what's going on in the world.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Dan Bern

" ou know what's going on in the world..." That's always the nicest compliment coming from you, Jeff!

I'm glad you're enjoying Dan Bern's stuff... Sweet Meat and Laura corner the market on knowing what's going on in the world, don't they? Plus, they're a cute couple


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dan Bern

Glad you are enjoying the Dan Bern J.T! Laura introduced me and slowly I became addicted.

...and I really know nothing about whats going on in the world...

New girl on top of me,
will this work out?
Dan Bern, Baby-Bye-Bye

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dan Bern

Guess what? I bought another Dan Bern today. Paid full price this time, too. So I guess that you could say I've officially been "BERNed" by Sweet Meat and Dr. Laura.

Work has been insane, so it's cool to have good, fresh stuff running through the headphones.

Still figuring out what's going on in the world,