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200 mile round trip for 5....

minutes of fun. Was it worth it? Oh yes.

We took Vince and Freya over to see Celia & Jimmy yesterday and to let the dogs have a blast up and down the safe area. Many thanks for the opportunity.

I think Freya must have thought we were giving her back (No Chance ) as she stood there shaking like a leaf for a couple of minutes when we arrived.

Seeing them running free is a wonderful sight and it also allowed Nicole to see just how fast they could be when let off the lead. Nothing like a bit of confirmation by example to show a 10 year old that greys need to be treated differently when you're walking them.

Stopped at a pet shop on the way home and Freya now has a honking duck and Vince has a squeaky hedgehog to keep them company. however,letting them take them to bed may not have been the cleverest idea we've ever had. A honking duck at 3.30 in the morning tends to wake you up quite well.

Re: 200 mile round trip for 5....

Vince and Freya are lucky to have landed such a great home!
We have a noisy pink elephant which is left laying about the house and rediscovered at the most unsuitable hour!

Re: 200 mile round trip for 5....

My clever Roxy, who had to be taught what a toy was, can play the saxaphone thanks to my sister who found one in a pet shop in England. Rocky hasn't found how to play it yet ! Roxy found a ferret looking I was looking at squeaky toys in Pets at Home and loved it so much she wouldn't even give it up at the checkout and the kind girl scanned it while she was carrying it. It's so lovely to see her enjoying all the play she was denied in her previous 3 years of life. Jose