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Despite often venturing onto the Fife Greyhound Rescue website, I have never really looked much past the "Please Choose Me" and "The Lucky Ones" sections. Until today that is!
I thought it a good idea to fill you in on how our ex-Fife greyhound, Izzy, is getting on. Izzy's pic is on Page 56 of "The Lucky Ones" section.
Izzy joined our family, in Inverness, last June; her addition has simply been a complete and utter joy. Probably not unique, but during her first week with us she posessed the heart of a lion and basically wanted to kill anything with four legs that moved. (In that respect her pic was very accurate to what her character was like). This ferocity tempered within a few weeks and she's now fairly trustworthy with other dogs - fairly!
Izzy had never set foot in a house before and everything was very strange for her when she arrived with us - TV, glass doors, etc etc. That said she settled in quickly especially with the help of our other, more sedate, male greyhound called Archie.
Izzy's hunting instincts remain keen and she's on the lead the majority of the time which she's perfectly content with, but she does get off for a more intensive sniffing session every evening in an area which we know is free from prey! She also gets off each weekend for a good sprinting session with Archie which she, and I, love.
Our family absolutely love Izzy to bits and she's showered with affection from all angles - though the favourite angle is upside down on the couch! She's full of character and such an affectionate dog. If I discover how to attach photos (maybe I'm not allowed?) then I would post some for you to oooh and aaah at.
Best regards to all greyhound owners out there.

Re: Izzy

Glad to hear how well Izzy has settled in and of course pictures are compulsory. It is always nice to hear how the dogs get on after they vanish from the kennels.
You need a web based photo storage site for your photos to be posted on here, or John the web master offered to do it for people if you email him the photos. You can find him here >

Some photos of Izzy.


Izzy, after a good run at Nairn Beach.


Izzy and Archie on their evening walk. Izzy on the alert as ever!


Is that a cat?


With Archie


Still in pretty good nick, posing with the Kessock Bridge backdrop.


Finished chasing after the ball with Archie.


Izzy checking that Emily's safe whilst she's eating her breakfast!
Cant be too careful now can we?


Posing in the back garden.

The den

Sleeping in The Den - yes? NO! Look at Izzy's ear!

Re: Some photos of Izzy.

Absolutely stunning photos - doesn't she look fit and well and happy! I think Archie is clearly a saint - and a great stabilising influence on her.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Re: Some photos of Izzy.

I own Dino, who is Izzys sister !
Shame we are all the way down in Brighton !


Re: Some photos of Izzy.

That unmistakeable stare!
It's wonderful to make contact with you Dolly and to see photos of the handsome Dino. Brother and sister are very alike and it's great that they both seem to have landed a rather cushtie post-racing life. As I type my wife and two of my children are on one couch, whilst Izzy's sprawled out from end to end on the other!
Will definitely keep in touch.

Murphy (Page 62 of The Lucky Ones) joined our family back in April this year making us now a 3 greyhound house - a bit mental I know! Murphy's as daft as a brush but still wonderful. I'll post a few pics of him and the pack on the forum soon.

Re: Izzy

It saddens me to write that Izzy was recently put to sleep.

My wee girl had been getting normal aches and pains associated with becoming an old lady (she would have been 13 years old on 1 May) but a recent innocuous slip in the garden was causing her too much distress and pain, despite Metacam.

She passed away peacefully and humanely last Friday leaving our family totally numb and very sad. We'll miss her terribly not having her around - scrounging for titbits, excitedly tippy-toeing when we came home, showing affection in her own discrete way, lying in the most awkward of places, not settling in the evening until we were all in the living room watching the telly and subtly insisting that it was dad that took her lead when out for a walk. She was a wonderful hound.

Jimmy/Celia, be assured that Izzy has had a great life in our family and was showered with lashings of love and affection. You may recall that she was one of three greys, with male company from big Archie and the irrepressible Murphy. She's outlasted the two boys and now our family just seems so empty. It wouldn't surprise me if there's another visit to Fife in the not-too-distant future. I've been scanning the "Please Choose Me" already!

It might be stupid to some, but in my version of heaven I'll meet up with all my dogs again. I'll just need to make sure I get there myself first though!!!

I'll email John some photos to append to this post.

Re: Izzy

I’m so sorry for your loss. Izzy sounds like she had a wonderful time with her family and she’s left you with many happy memories. Take care xx

Photos of Izzy

Here are some pictures of Izzy.

Izzy at home

Izzy at home

Izzy at home

Izzy at home

Izzy at home

Re: Photos of Izzy

Hi Brian,
We're so sorry to hear about Izzy I've not been on the site ffor a few days.
I remember you getting Murphy then later on Izzy. Murphy was a character but Izzy was a real character though she din't land people in the canal lol.
You must miss her an awful lot. It is one of the worst things to happen to you when you lose your beloved dog.
Your across the Bridge now dear Izzy. Your sure to liven the place up. Bless you wee girl
It would be or honour to supply you with a dog Brian. We cannot ever replace Izzy or Murphy but I'm sure you'd love another one just as much.
Our sympathies are with you.
Jimmy and Celia.