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Easy Fundraising

When doing your online buying please don't forget to shop through Easyfundraising. There are new retailers eg Next joining the scheme all the time and specials offers and competitions all the time.
The total raised this quarter so far is £14.55 and the overall total £158.68. Please remember it costs you nothing extra to shop via easyfundraising but will raise funds for the homeless hounds.
To find out more and join the other GRFers raising money this way please follow this link

link to easyfundraising for GRF


Re: Easy Fundraising

Come on everybody!!!

It is so easy to register and use.

We all buy presents etc online and there are loads of sites registered with Easy Fundraising like Amazon, Marks and Spencer, Littlewoods etc.

All you do once you have registered is go onto their site, select the site you want to buy from and go on and buy your goods. That's it. How easier can it be.

Have a look and see how easy it is to raise funds for GRF while doing your Christmas shopping.

And it costs you absolutely nothing!!!

Kaz, Pat and Ace

Re: Easy Fundraising

Thanks for this

I registered yesterday and bought some Christmas shopping
Very easy to use


Re: Easy Fundraising

Thanks Mags for joining up.
In the past few days we have another 4 people signed up and helping the homeless hounds from the comfort of their computer chairs.

Re: Easy Fundraising

Thank you. Another 2 members and in 6 days £8 raised. Please sign up and help the homeless hounds.

Re: Easy Fundraising

Great news Michelle

Just think, if all the people who have rehomed a GRF dog did their online shopping through Easy Fundraising, the amount raised would be massive, and it doesn't cost a penny to do it.

So come on everyone, it really is easy.

If you are unsure and need any help let Michelle or us know.

Kaz and Pat Brundell and Ace

Re: Easy Fundraising

This message should be kept at the top of the forum list so nobody misses the opportunity to raise funds for the kennels.
It`s so easy to do.....!

Re: Easy Fundraising

That's a great idea!!

Jimmy - is this possible to keep this at the top of the page.

Love Kaz, Pat, Ace and our new four legged princess Jade

Re: Easy Fundraising (Logo's)

As of tonight 5th December on the Easyfunding website this is what your purchases have brought in for the Hounds.

Raise money for Celias Greyhound Rescue Fife

The Logo for Easyfundraising website.

This is the logo for Easy search on the Easyfundraising website. If you search the internet using this search engine instead of your usual search engine the Hounds will benefit.

Celias Greyhound Rescue Fife at

Perhaps John the webmaster could put a clickable link on the website using the Easyfundraising Logo?

Thanks for looking

George, Morag

Billy and Lassie

Re: Easy Fundraising

We can`t let this slip from the forum in the last week of Christmas Shopping.

Re: Easy Fundraising

We certainly can't Lynne. !!

Jimmy - is it possible to keep this thread at the top of the forum and John, is there anyway of putting a link on the website?

If anyone hasn't registered yet, please do so. It is so easy and costs you nothing

Kaz and Pat Brundell
Ace and Jade

Re: Easy Fundraising

Hi Kaz,
I'll make it sticky.

Easy Fundraising

I have put a link to easyfundraising on the website.

Re: Easy Fundraising

I have put a link to easyfundraising on the website.

Thanks John.
Since I first started this post a month ago £40 has been raised by you for the homeless hounds.

Re: Easy Fundraising

Thanks to everyone that is supporting the Easyfundraising scheme. Shopping through Ef has now raised a total of £263.03 with the total for this current quarter £49.76. Keep clicking folks- the homeless hounds say thank you!

Re: Easy Fundraising

just started shopping thro that, dogs needed new beds (and I new clothes )


Re: Easy Fundraising

Thanks Monika (and Floyd and Jess). Hope you guys enjoy your new beds!

Re: Easy Fundraising

to everyone signed up to easyfundraising!

Total Funds Raised
Total This Quarter (so far)
From the second quarter 2012 onwards the amount raised has been above minimum threshold for payment everytime . Thanks for supporting the homeless hounds!!!

Re: Easy Fundraising

to everyone signed up to easyfundraising!

Total Funds Raised
Total This Quarter (so far)
From the second quarter 2012 onwards the amount raised has been above minimum threshold for payment everytime . Thanks for supporting the homeless hounds!!!

This site was so easy to sign up for and now I just go to the retailer via the easy fundraising site. Not changed my spending patterns in any way but raising funds by making this little change. Money comes through really fast as well

Re: Easy Fundraising

Remember this link when you are Christmas shopping on line.
I intend to use it.....

Re: Easy Fundraising

I cannot believe how fantastic this site is and how easy it is to make lots of money for our wonderful Greyhounds. I started using it, just over a week ago and already I have had nearly £6 donated to our homeless hounds. If we all did it, think how much money we could raise between us for our beautiful hounds. I will always use this website now, before buying anything at all, as every donation helps and soon mounts up. It is amazing how many companies will donate money to your chosen charity, and it costs you nothing at all to join, or use. Wish I had heard about this years ago! Keep this topic at the top PLEASE! Tell all your friends about it too.

Re: Easy Fundraising

THANK YOU to everyone using Easyfundraising!!!!!!!

A recent email I had from them involves shopping at Amazon and says
" We can see that you have previously used the easyfundraising Donation Reminder (previously the Find & Remind Toolbar) in order to claim a donation from a purchase with Amazon.

Due to a software compatibility issue, Amazon and their subsidiaries Amazon Local, Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video are unfortunately no longer participating in the easyfundraising Donation Reminder, as a result the easyfundraising Donation Reminder will either not appear when you visit Amazon, or will display that no donations are available depending on which browser you are using.

This just means that donations via the Donation Reminder are not available, BUT the good news is you can still raise donations by shopping with Amazon.

To make sure that your cause is still receiving donations from your purchases with, simply

1. Visit the website before shopping with Amazon
2. Search for Amazon and click 'Go Shopping'

Alternatively, bookmark the Amazon listing with easyfundraising,, so you can go straight to their listing with us and then go shopping.

Also look out for the NEW easyfundraising App for Apple devices. This will give you an easy way to remember to raise a donation when shopping on your iPad or iPhone. We will contact you when it is released so that you can be one of the first to make the most of it!"


Re: Easy Fundraising

I received an email today with the following link:

which goes to downloads for editing(MSWord) and printing. I've done some A5 flyers which I'm going to post through neighbours' doors and put up as posters in the village. Hopefully this will sign up a few more folk.

If anyone isn't sure about downloading and editing please email me and I'll send a document for printing.


Re: Easy Fundraising

Has anyone else had a problem with Easyfundraising, ie donations not being received? I have lost quite a lot of donations from Achica, Amazon, Avon, Argos and probably a few more. The sales with these companies amounted to hundreds of pounds, so it is very annoying when you do not receive the donation from them.

When trying to report these missing donations, you can only put in one at a time, but unless you have kept a list of all the donations that you think are missing, it becomes difficult to remember them all, as it states that some companies can take up to a few weeks to issue the donation. It seems to be the same companies that I buy from, that I am not receiving a donation from. Is it anything to do with the toolbar reminder?

I tried so many times, a few nights ago, to activate my donation from Achica, that I had to give up in the end, so have lost yet another donation from them. I even tried just going to the Easyfundrasing website to reach Achica that way, but that did not work either. I think there might have been a problem with the Achica website, as Easyfundraising could not connect with it. I wished I could find out what is going wrong, as I love using this website to raise funds for our lovely hounds.

The biggest donation I have ever received, was a £15 donation from PetPlan, which was a lovely surprise when it arrived. I had bought pet insurance for Squeek and Spot, but I think you get that amount, even if you are only insuring one pet.

I hope someone can help find out what is going wrong. All my donations from Marks & Spencer, Very, Isme etc all come through quickly every time and usually within 24 hours. It is such and easy and super way to raise funds for the homeless hounds, so hopefully a solution can be found.

Re: Easy Fundraising

Easyfundraising has now raised £873.83 for the kennels. Thank you to everyone!

Re: Easy Fundraising

Have been doing my Christmas shopping on line using easy fundraising. I have also registered my bank/credit cards on line so when shopping at high street the donations can be added.

Re: Easy Fundraising

Up to date total and number of supporters: 93 supporters and £926.33. Thank you to everyone who signed up recently.

Re: Easy Fundraising

Been a while since anyone posted on this thread so here's something that might interest you.

For anyone using Easyfundraising to get donations for GRF they are currently running a daily Advent Calender competition to win daily prizes for GRF and supporter plus a Grand Prize Draw on 25th December. Perhaps someone could post the link for me, please?

And for anyone not using Easyfundraising, why not think about it? Lots of online retailers participate, doesn't cost you anything and GRF get donations. For further information read back through this thread.

Re: Easyfundraising

Thanks Moira for bringing your post about Easyfundraising up on the forum. I just wish more people knew about it and that it costs you nothing to raise vital funds for the Greyhounds in Fife. It is so easy to use and so many shops and companies give donations, if you go through Easyfundraising to buy a product. There are so many people who have adopted a Greyhound from the Fife Rescue, so just think how much money we could make for them, if everyone joined and went through them, when they needed to buy something.

I have just checked the total amount made for the rescue and it stands at:

Your cause has raised
£21.36 in the last 30 days

On my own, I have raised:

You've raised
£6.58 in the last 30 days

So just imagine how much we could all make, if every adopter would go through Easyfundraising to buy their items. It is so easy to do and FREE.

PLEASE lets all spread the word about Easyfundraising, to help Celia and Jimmy to care for these beautiful hounds, so that they can all find their forever homes.

Re: Easyfundraising

Another plug for easyfundraising!
I always use comparison websites when renewing insurances and this morning through GoCompare I got a £14 donation for GRF (and Home insurance for £42 less than existing provider quoted so win, win!)
Always worth having a look at energy and telecoms sites as well.