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There is a Heaven.

Two angels arrived at the kennels today from a Heavenly location called Gourock. Their names are Jan and William Coull.

They and their family took the beautiful 12 year olds Harry ( Ari ) and Molly back to their forever home.

We are sure that they will both see out their lives in warmth and happiness in a forever, loving family home.

Thank you William and Jan for your kindness. It is much appreciated, especially by Harry and Molly.

Harry and Molly.

Jan and William with Harry and Molly.

Re: There is a Heaven.

Fantastic news!!
What a lovely couple to take on these gorgeous elderly hounds.
And what a relief for you both Celia and Jimmy

Thank you Jan and William and have a happy life Harry and Molly

Re: There is a Heaven.

that's wonderful news. I hope they all have many loving years together.

Re: There is a Heaven.

Wonderful news. Hope the dogs and their humans have a lovely life together.

Re: There is a Heaven.

Fantastic news! Best news of the day!

Jan & William I salute you both, superstars, both of you.

Not only have you made two old greys very happy but also everyone that has been following this story. We can all rest a bit easier tonight (especially Jimmy and Celia).

I hope the four of you have plenty of years together yet

Ben, Lyndz, Min, Lou & Charles

Re: There is a Heaven.

An excellent result all round - well done to all involved.

Re: There is a Heaven.

Jan & William you are so kind!


Re: There is a Heaven.

We are so pleased to hear this great news. Thank you so much to the lovely couple. Give them both a big cuddle from all of us. Please let us know how they get on in their new home. Thank you again.