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Dog walkers

It appears to me that the number of walkers is very much a hit or miss these days. I know its school holidays and people have planned holidays but the kennels never close and when only one walker appears (as happened today) it puts immense pressure on the 2 people who are working and Celia and Jimmy!
So I appeal to all, spread the word that walkers are needed and please help as much as possible, get your walking shoes on even if just for 1 hour.
Thank you

Re: Dog walkers

I hope you get more volunteers soon. If I had a car, I would certainly help, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Re: Dog walkers

Thanks for raising this, Eileen, I do Mondays and I'm available for emergency cover but, by the time the kennels know there's a shortfall in walkers, it's usually gone 10.30am and it would take me at least an hour to get there, by which time most of the work has been done.
I know the regular walkers let the kennel staff know in advance if they can't make their usual slot but it would be great if we could devise an online calendar system whereby volunteers could log in and see where the likely gaps were. John, is this something you could attach to the forum?
Eileen, (assuming you are that Eileen) Eagle sends love from Upper Largo and he's a very happy boy.

Re: Dog walkers

That sounds a good idea re on line calendar. I don't think there's an easy answer, wish I could think of something.
On the plus side, a couple of people have been in touch re walking the dogs and I've directed them to Celia.
Yes, it is that Eileen, really pleased that Eagle is a happy boy. Please give the lovely boy a big hug from me.