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Get up and go -have fun with the hounds and family and get clicking :-D

A photographic scavenger hunt for everyone to get out and about with your hounds. This is a free fun event which will hopefully get lots of hounds out and about meeting people and spreading the greyt word about what wonderful pets we make.
To share your photos create a new thread on the forum and post your photos there with the number and description. Photos can be funny, serious, creative....
Please do join in. It doesn't matter how many photos you get taken, its all about spreading the greyt word and having fun.
I did post this a while ago but wasn't going to be about to help with photos or whatever... so its all go now.
50 things to do photograph your dog/s doing and if you don't have a dog furry cuddly toy stand-ins accepted.

1 Learning to knit
2 Wearing hat and sunglasses
3 Browsing GRF website
4 With a tanker lorry
5 Posting a letter in a mailbox
6 Playing tennis
7 With a phonebox (bonus point if it is an old red one.
8 Standing in water (point per submersed paw lol)
9 With a road sign showing an animal
10 With a John Deere tractor
11 With a left hand drive car
12 Behind the steering wheel
13 With a flag flying on a pole
14 At a sporting event
15 With a campervan
16 Eating spaghetti/ noodles with chopsticks
17 At a wishing well
18 With a green car
19 Watching tv or listening to the radio
20 In the pet shop
21 With a car transporter
22 With an anchor
23 At a fast food restaurant
24 With a cow
25 With a Royal Mail or delivery van (bonus point if the driver is next to you)
26 With a video tape
27 With a cassette/ audio tape
28 With a vinyl record
29 Beside a cannon
30 Wearing a tie/bowtie
31 Eating a vegetable
32 Playing a boardgame
33 Planning a trip with a map
34 Stopping the sofa/bed from flying away ;-)
35 Drinking from a cup/mug
36 Walking your human
37 With a horsebox/horse trailer
38 With a unicorn
39 With a dog soft toy
40 At somewhere prehistoric
41 With a windmill
42 Wearing a hi-vis vest/coat
43 Sunbathing
44 Out in the rain (coats allowed but bonus if no coat ;-) )
45 Watching the world through the window
46 Counting your treat money
47 By a statue
48 With your best doggy friend
49 Roaching (= laying on your back with all legs in the air)
50 Sleeping in a weird position

Tara, Frodo, Blue and Mafi

Re: Get up and go -have fun with the hounds and family and get clicking :-D

Greyt idea. Come on folks, lets all join in this fun event and spread the word for Greyhounds and GRF


Re: Get up and go -have fun with the hounds and family and get clicking :-D

To upload photos onto the forum they first need to be uploaded to Photobucket and then paste the link on here. Any problems please get in contact. I will try to write a wee guide on "how to" lol

Michele aka typist to Tara, Frodo, Blue and Mafi.

Re: Get up and go -have fun with the hounds and family and get clicking :-D

Zippy and I can't wait to make a start. How do we post photo's on here please?