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How to upload photos to the forum (hopefully)

Photobucket no longer enable you to use their website to upload photos to share on the forum unless you want to pay pffft.
With George's help we now have a free way that is great if you have lots of photos such as for the photo scavenger hunt.

Part 1- Create an account with GooglePhotos and upload your photos there. Click on the photo you want to use and you will see just it and various symbols. Find the one that says share and click it

You will see the above, a symbol that says create link. Click it. (it may be a bit different from the above photo depending on what device you are using)

Copy your link generated on GooglePhotos ( the upper photo is from an ipad which automatically copies the link, the lower photo is from a windows laptop) and now go to the Ctrlq website ->

and the screen will automatically scroll down until you see

When you are copying the code on the ctrlq website make sure you have it all- it starts with < a and ends with a >

to check all is well click Preview and fingers crossed your photo(s) should appear then post your message

Re: How to upload photos to the forum (hopefully)

Many thanks. This could be really useful! I've printed off a copy for future reference.