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List for the GRF 2017 Photo Scavenger Hunt- enjoy!

50 things to do photograph your dog/s doing and if you don't have a dog furry cuddly toy stand-ins accepted.

1 Learning to knit
2 Wearing hat and sunglasses
3 Browsing GRF website
4 With a tanker lorry
5 Posting a letter in a mailbox
6 Playing tennis
7 With a phonebox (bonus point if it is an old red one.
8 Standing in water (point per submersed paw lol)
9 With a road sign showing an animal
10 With a John Deere tractor
11 With a left hand drive car
12 Behind the steering wheel
13 With a flag flying on a pole
14 At a sporting event
15 With a campervan
16 Eating spaghetti/ noodles with chopsticks
17 At a wishing well
18 With a green car
19 Watching tv or listening to the radio
20 In the pet shop
21 With a car transporter
22 With an anchor
23 At a fast food restaurant
24 With a cow
25 With a Royal Mail or delivery van (bonus point if the driver is next to you)
26 With a video tape
27 With a cassette/ audio tape
28 With a vinyl record
29 Beside a cannon
30 Wearing a tie/bowtie
31 Eating a vegetable
32 Playing a boardgame
33 Planning a trip with a map
34 Stopping the sofa/bed from flying away ;-)
35 Drinking from a cup/mug
36 Walking your human
37 With a horsebox/horse trailer
38 With a unicorn
39 With a dog soft toy
40 At somewhere prehistoric
41 With a windmill
42 Wearing a hi-vis vest/coat
43 Sunbathing
44 Out in the rain (coats allowed but bonus if no coat ;-) )
45 Watching the world through the window
46 Counting your treat money
47 By a statue
48 With your best doggy friend
49 Roaching (= laying on your back with all legs in the air)
50 Sleeping in a weird position

Tara, Frodo, Blue and Mafi

Re: List for the GRF 2017 Photo Scavenger Hunt- enjoy!

There are a few fun prizes to be won so get clicking.
1 Most distant competitor
2 Most points
Judged by our mystery panel will be
3 photo that made us laugh the most
4 best canine friends
5 best photo that has co-opted a member of the public in
6 any other photos they really like

Re: List for the GRF 2017 Photo Scavenger Hunt- enjoy!

I had a great fun taking pictures for the scavenger hunt, looking forward to seeing the results
Ashleigh and Lexi