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A New Calendar for all volunteers

I've created a page where you can get your own calendar to input the details of when you will be going up to the kennels to walk the dogs etc. Thank you Marion for suggesting it.

The button is on the left under the Fife Forum button, just click it and follow the instructions.

Will you please let me know, either by email or on the forum whether you find this useful or not, or if you have any suggestions that might improve it.


Re: A New Calendar for all volunteers

Sorry John, there's no button appearing under the forum button for me.

Re: A New Calendar for all volunteers

Up date. Found the button on my laptop but not my tablet. Can't imput anything when in a specific date though.

Re: A New Calendar for all volunteers

Thanks John, I found the button but couldn't input to the calendar online. The idea is that we can list our names online under specific days and see in advance how many people are likely to attend to try and avoid instances where there are few/no volunteers as sometimes happens now. Some of us can then do an extra day or change days to fill the gap. Is this possible?

Re: A New Calendar for all volunteers

Hi everyone,

I think the teething problem with the new calendar should now be sorted. If you go to the introduction page and follow the instructions you should be able to use it as intended. Thank you George and Marion and Eileen for letting me know that something was wrong.