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Today we met Flint, a ten month old greyhound cross boy. He finds himself homeless for the most tragic of reasons. He is in fantastic condition and has clearly been loved and well cared for. He is just so full of fun and will make an absolutely fantastic pet dog for some lucky person out there.

You'll just be adopting Flint though - you won't get his incredibly handsome handler thrown in as part of the deal

Re: Flint

Thanks for posting Steve. We appreciate that very much.
Cracking photos.

Re: Flint

What a beautiful lad (Flint I mean, not Steve lol)


Re: Flint

Having met them both, Kaz, they are equally endearing but one is taken and the other is not. Steve has done a great job of showing Flint off. Indoors, he curls up in his crate (the one Foxy used to have), then comes for a cuddle and puts his paw through to remind you not to stop (Flint not Steve!)