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Retractable leads.

I hope nobody here uses these leads, but if you do....

I found a good article shared in another greyhound group. If you do have a retractable lead please reconsider and use a decent fixed lead instead. Retractable leads are even more dangerous for greyhounds than other breeds - a greyhound can pretty much get to maximum speed by the time the lead has spooled out with obvious consequences for both the dog and the handler.

Click here for the article.

Click here for a video on how to use them properly

Re: Retractable leads.

Thanks Steve.
We totally and utterly agree with you.

Re: Retractable leads.

I use a retractable lead on willow and a harness have done for years but I never let it out till we get to our quiet spot where there is no dogs at all as she is terrified of dogs we go to a quiet spot or a wouldn't use that kind of lead xx