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Judy and Tommy's gotcha day!

Hi everyone,

Today we took home Judy and Tommy and they are settling in really well. Tommy just chilled out in the car on the way home but Judy chose to stand up for most of the way, with her face right to the side of my husband's face:-) After the 45min car journey, they sniffed the entire living room before exploring the garden, following us everywhere and now after their dinner and evening walk zonked out on the floor.

Tommy is much more excited about going out than Judy and took a while before he stopped pulling but once he'd calmed down he walked well. Judy was more alert to some small dogs than Tommy and was making whining noises but nothing aggressive. For a first walk in a strange place, they did really well, nothing that a little training couldn't sort.

I should say, our intentions were to only take home a female greyhound as that is what we had before but Tommy charmed his way into our boys heart as we passed him each time we came back with one of the four females we walked on Sunday.

Thank you to Celia and Jimmy and all the volunteers for looking after these to gems.

Christie family

Re: Judy and Tommy's gotcha day!

So good to see them settling in so quickly. Keep us posted.🐶🐾

Re: Judy and Tommy's gotcha day!

Hi everyone,

I think we can safely say life with Judy and Tommy will never be dull! Five days in and they have settled in really well. As you can see from the photos below, they both found the sofas very quickly but Tommy has learnt quickly that we have a no dogs on sofas rule in our house, Judy is a work in progress:-)

We've been getting them out and about the village to get familiar with the sights and sounds. They both appear to be fine with bigs dogs. Judy has a tendancy to whine when seeing another dog but more inquisitive than aggressive. They are both strong on the lead when small dogs are about, Judy in particular so abit of work to do there. A cat ran across the road one morning and its safe to say they are not cat friendly. Tommy is responding well to his name and the clicker, Judy less so but she'll get there.

Got them registered with our local vet today and we'll need to get Judy a scale and polish soon as she has quite a bit of placque build-up, otherwise both fit and healthy. We added a couple of portions of fish to their diet particularly to help Judy's dry skin on her rear legs.

Everyone that meets them comment on how couthy they are, they love their cuddles.

P.S. Judy got an extra boost of calcium at lunchtime today when she ate one of my hard boiled eggs (with shell) and took another out of the bowl that was sitting on the worktop when I went to answer the phone.

Re: Judy and Tommy's gotcha day!

Just love Tommy's expression as he's 'daring' to get on the sofa, although he knows it's out of bounds, while Judy is already there so somewhere between pleading and defiant. I read somewhere that eggs and their shells are supposed to be good for their coats so perhaps she was self-medicating her dry skin . They are both such lovely dogs and I'm sure you'll have no end of fun with them, and they with you.

Re: Judy and Tommy's gotcha day!

Got a harness for Judy yesterday and its so far made a big difference to how she walks, we even managed to walk past two small dogs this morning without any whining or barking, a small victory at the end of week one.

A couple of photos from our sunny walk this morning.

Re: Judy and Tommy's gotcha day!

Hi Marion,

Yes, apparently eggs including the shells are good for them, learn something every day:-)

Re: Judy and Tommy's gotcha day!

It's lovely to see photos of the lucky ones as they settle into family life, thanks very much for the up-dates. Big hugs to Judy and Tommy x

Re: Judy and Tommy's gotcha day!

Hi Alison.
Thanks for the lovely photos and great updates on our two FP's ( former puppies )
Thanks for taking them into your home.
Please give them big cuddles from us.
Auntie Celia and Uncle Jimmy.