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Cody Memorial

We welcomed Cody (the jumper as Celia and Jimmy called him) into his new forever home in May 2008 after being the longest resident at the rescue. He has brought us great joy, laughs, tears, and his unconditional love in the 9 years he has been with us. Sadly Cody passed away peacefully at home October 9 2017, we are devastated at losing our big boy and will miss our old pal dearly. xx

The Mcmillan family Dundee.


Re: Cody Memorial

Hi Angie, Sorry to hear of Cody's passing.
Cody had some retirement with you in her forever (Retirment) home.

Cody's Pal Billy on page 24 of the lucky ones will have been at the Rainbow Bridge to show Cody the way and all the ropes.

The hardest part of taking these wonderful creatures into our lives is when they have come to the end of use of their physical bodies and we have to say good bye. They live on in our hearts for ever as they etch the paw prints in our hearts.

When we lost Billy we adopted our boy Ace a toyboy for Lassie and Billy lives on in him as Billy's genes are in Ace. He has a similar nature and manerisum which we smile at and feel privelaged to have Ace in our lives.

Take care

George, Morag

Lassie and Ace

Re: Cody Memorial

A good life well lived and his nine years with you are a tribute to your care and how happy he was with you. So sorry for you.

Re: Cody Memorial

Hi George & Morag
Thank you so much for your kindness ,what a coincidence billy on same page I’ve admired him many times over the years­čśŐWords can’t describe how we are all feeing at the minute since losing codes,house so empty without him,I’m sure I still hear him wandering about! Times a healer and he in a better place out of pain.Maybe one day like yourselves we will find it in our hearts to go visit Celia and Jimmy again and rehome another beautiful gentle greyhound!
Regards Angie x

Re: Cody Memorial

Hi Marion
Thank you so much for your kind words­čśómeans a lot.
Regards Angie x

Re: Cody Memorial

Hi Angie.
Cody couldn't speak but we speak for him.
Thank you for taking me into your home and giving me the happiest years of my life.
Don't think of the bad day. Just remember the thousands of good times we had together.
Auntie Celia and Uncle Jimmy.