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It is with a heavy heart I post this message. On 5th May we said goodbye to our little Lurcher Breeze as she set off over the rainbow bridge to join the other GRF Hounds we have all lost.

Breeze was with us a month short of eight years (Lucky Ones Page 46 05/06/2010), she suffered a catastrophic stroke during the night and though it broke our hearts we let her go.

Our lives were richer for knowing her, she bossed poor Blake (Chillo Page 54 08/04/2011) mercilessly, because he is such an easy going lad he let her. She loved to be in the garden, hated it when things were in the wrong place (like open washing machine doors or step ladders) and loved to play the grumpy old lady card when it suited her.

But she was our little Breezy, she was there through good times and bad and she has left a Lurcher sized hole in our hearts.

Re: Breeze

Very sorry to hear of your loss. She sounds like a real character Causing havoc in heaven no doubt xx

Re: Breeze

So sorry to hear of your loss. I love lurchers too, and have found them delightfully naughty, a bit more street-wise than greyhounds and very loving. A lurcher-sized hole in your heart is a very big hole indeed but remember that eight years is a very long time in a lurcher's life that you have made her happy.

Re: Breeze

Oh dear Louise. We're so sorry to hear about the beautiful little golden girl. Yes, she was truly a beautiful dog. Thank you for taking care of her and giving her such a happy life for 8 years. Blake will miss his little girl friend.
Run free dear wee girl. You'll be with all your pals on the other side of the Bridge and pain free. RIP Breeze.
Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Celia.

Re: Breeze

I'm so very sorry Louise to hear of your recent loss with Breeze -
I know how very devastating it is. We lost our beautiful Megan a couple of months ago after ten wonderful years.

Thinking of you and your family