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Just wanted to let you know that "Mindy"-now Lola has settled in beautifully. Celia's match making worked perfectly and it feels as if Lola has been here forever! She coped well with a very long journey to Elgin and has only moaned a little bit at bed time. She has met lots of other dogs when out walking on the beach, as well as the local cats -and proved that she is a very polite girl. We have one slightly odd question! She smells absolutely gorgeous-(like baby powder!) and three days since we picked her up, the smell is not fading!! Our previous dog was definitely not this fragrant. We wondered what your secret was? Thanks for our lovely new friend!

Re: Mindy

So good to hear that Lola (Mindy) has settled in. It is indeed baby powder you can smell. Celia gets it in large bottles and we spray it on the dogs after they have been groomed. It is just a perfume and doesn't nourish or treat their coats.
We had a good few volunteers the day mindy went home and a few of the dogs were washed and groomed. The kennels smell good when we use it 😊