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Hello Celia and Jimmy

Thought I would give you both an update on Mabel! Its nearly a year now since we brought her home from the rescue and she'll be 3 shortly in October.

She's adorable and quite a character - full of beans! She's never barked yet! I know she can as she does sometimes when dreaming, but not, so far, when she's awake. She loves people and dogs and we've never seen any aggression from her except in her dreams, when she sometimes gives something a hard time! She's wary of dogs who bark and snarl etc and she's inclined to hide behind you if she comes across any like that when she's out for a walk, but apart from that noise doesn't seem to bother her even the fireworks and thunder thankfully!

Many people have commented on her beautiful colour which is lovely and she certainly is a star.
She's full of fun and loves her cuddly toys and running around the garden chasing birds.

Like most greyhounds she spends a lot of time asleep on one of her duvets or on a bed, upside down! She loves being in the car or going for her walks wherever they are. She also loves food of all kinds and is always on the look out for something to eat!

We love her to bits and are so grateful to you both for allowing us to take her home the same day we visited the rescue. Losing Megan after 10 years was a real blow especially as we did not expect to lose her so quickly after her unexpected illness, but Mabel was exactly what we needed to help heal the loss.

I'm asking John to post some pictures of Mabel for you to see.

Many thanks again and we hope you are both keeping well.

Love and best wishes

Christine and Stuart

Re: Mabel

Here are a couple of pictures of Mabel at home.

mabel at home 1

mabel at home 2