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Been 6 Months having our first greyhound

It has hard to believe it is over 6 months since we welcomed Brook into her forever home.

She has not lived up to her couch potato status which maybe due to her having 2 memory foam mattresses, a sheepskin warm bed, countless duvets and pillows.

Brook is a very quick learner regarding training, she loves meeting people out on her walks who always admire her & she has new doggy friends big & small, but must admit it is people she loves meeting more & gets quite regal when people don't stop to say hello, very funny.

She has started to show her character now, playing with her toys which is a joy to watch, squeaky snake is a big hit & she loves her tennis balls.

So just a quick update on how big beautiful Brooky is getting on since we got her from Celia & Jimmy, a fantastic dog with a fantastic nature & our best friend.

Janet & Simon

Re: Been 6 Months having our first greyhound

What lovely photos! She's beautiful, and she certainly looks very happy with all those beds!

Re: Been 6 Months having our first greyhound

Thanks she is lol, she has 3 now, her main sleeping bed is more comfy than mine but she still likes to steal a shot on mine when I get up, a wee monkey.

Re: Been 6 Months having our first greyhound

Hi Janet and Simon.
Thanks for the lovely photos and great update on Brook.
We see a very happy, home loving dog who doesn't have a care in the world.
You are doing a great job with her. Thank you for taking her into your home.
Please give her a huge cuddle from her old uncle and auntie.
Celia and Jimmy.