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How'd you like a wee run up Ben Nevis ?

Recently, by far our most fit member Niel McGill decided to run the Salomon Skyline Scotland Ben Nevis Ultra Marathon.
This is a lung bursting super event where Niel had to run up THREE MUROS including BEN NEVIS. This he did successfully and still managed to run after that.
Celia and I both ran a few marathons, only 26 miles on roads, so we can only wonder how Niel ran half as much again over mountains.
He donated all the sponsored money, a magnificent sum of £425 to our dogs.
Thank you so very much Niel and your magnificent helper Karen for doing so much for our homeless greyhounds.
A very grateful Jimmy, Celia and 40 homeless greyhounds.

Re: How'd you like a wee run up Ben Nevis ?

Wow, I'm breathless in every way just thinking about the level of fitness required for such a feat. Like Celia and Jimmy, I used to run a bit in my youth - not marathons, just for pleasure -West Sands as a student at St Andrews and the Borders hills with my super-corgi, Dandy. I absolutely salute you, Neil, for the strength and generosity of your heart.