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After a short battle with leukemia we lost our amazing dog, Dale, yesterday. We re-homed Dale from the GRF in March 2014 and enjoyed every minute we had with him. I miss him so much. When we re-homed Dale he was scared of his shadow, you couldn't walk behind him and he would lie under the kitchen table. Then within three months he turned into a confident lad and soon started telling all the other dogs in Falkirk to get off his territory! He liked marking this territory so much that we would go through record numbers of poo bags every walk (the record was 10 bags on one walk). Dale was always the navigator on these walks, he always decided the route applying necessary brakes when he thought we were going off course: this was done by crossing his two front legs and giving us a disapproving look. It took us awhile to figure out how to trick his navigation system and convince him we were, indeed, on the right course :smile:

In the house you wouldn't know Dale was there. He loved his bed and lounging on the living room rug. We all miss him so much...

Dale just recently turned 10 years old. Photos to follow...

Re: Dale

Dale sounds a real character, and a lovely boy. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Pictures of Dale

Dale memoriam 1

Dale memoriam 2

Dale memoriam 3

Dale memoriam 4

Dale memoriam 5

Dale memoriam 6

Re: Dale

You gave Dale his confidence and a very happy new life - that was a fine thing to do. He will be smiling down on you with that gappy grin, just like in your picture.

Re: Dale

So sorry for your loss. You gave him a beautiful family and he grew in confidence as a result