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This Sundays walk - Silver Sands, Aberdour

This months GRF walk is at 12:00 on Sunday 10th November. We will meet in the top car park (don't go down the hill to the other car park). This is one of the longer walks, but the route passes near the car park in two places giving an opportunity to cut the walk short if you or your dog needs to.

These walks are an excellent opportunity for dogs and their owners to socialise, and to raise awareness for the rescue.

All dogs must remain on fixed leads at all times, and the two leggers need to pick any thing their four leggers drop on the way. Please watch out for other dogs that may well be off their leads on the walk, and please watch out for traffic moving about the car park.

Please try to remember that not all of the dogs or their two leggers are as quick on their feet as they once were, so please do not go charging off into the distance, and please allow for regrouping at strategic places so that we can all enjoy the walk together.