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We have read so many sad posts over the years and now, sadly, it’s our turn.

Blackie let us know it was time.

Our lovely vet Hannah arrived and Blackie crossed over while his head was being cradled in Debra’s arms and Raymond and I were petting him.

Blackie crossed the bridge at 12.20pm on Friday 6th December.

We have cried a river and we’re still crying now.

Our big, regal, handsome bolshie boy came to us at 2 ½ years old. Once Blackie had settled and just before Jimmy and Celia left, Celia lovingly cupped Blackie’s head in her hands and said “now, dinnae muck it up, ok”. From then on our lives just got better and better.

Blackie loved every day and approached each one as a new and exciting adventure.

Rain, hail, sun, snow, freezing temperatures. Nothing tempered Blackie’s enthusiasm for life. He would stretch then start head butting you to get the coats on and get out there.

He left at 12 years 1 1/2 months. Every memory will be treasured.

Blackie had fought to come back from cancer and had been enduring seizures for his last 3 years and for the past 4 months had lymphoma, although until his very last evening he still loved life.

We all felt proud to have had him in our lives and were privileged to have been there to take care of his needs until he had had enough. I guess we all became an elite post seizure greyhound recovery team. He rarely hurt himself in a seizure and he was back to full strength in 24 hours.

One of Blackie's walks would take us around the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary whereupon he would do his meet and greet, engaging with patients, staff and visitors, putting a smile on people’s faces. On one occasion he even met our very own Bert McCurdy.

His last day was peaceful and seizure free (the heat stress from lymphoma had accelerated the frequency of his seizures over his last few weeks). On his last walk he even managed to greet a few doggy friends with a wee tail wag. Some of whom he had helped with socialisation.

When Blackie first came to live with us he was not a dog who gave trust easily. You had to earn it, although he was never like that with children, they always wanted to pet and even cuddle him. He loved it. Kids would run up and enquire “is that a real greyhound? cool!, “how fast can he run” etc or my personal favourite “ is that a horse?”.

As time went by and people wanted to interact with him he was always calm and patient putting a smile on people’s faces (his ears were of particular interest).

In our Church, Blackie was permitted to roam freely. It’s in the bible! People loved him and In hearing of his passing, cried. There were sympathy cards.

One of my favourite church memories is the epic time that he knocked over the Christmas tree. It was the look on his face as he ran to avoid it landing on him as it toppled.

“Blackie boy, you made our lives richer for knowing you. You made us better people”

“Our big handsome, glossy, stunning man”.

Thank you for reading this and treasure every moment with your grey as it’s never long enough.

Blackie, 12 years 1 ½ months, page 44. With us for 9 years 9 months.

An Ambassador for his breed.


What a beautiful tribute to Blackie. He sounds like a wonderful dog in every respect. I am so sorry for your loss.


Iam so sorry to hear about Blackie he was as a gentle big lad and truly an ambassidor for the breed, i am so glad that i met you and Blackie that day. Run free Blackie our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family at this very sad time.


Here are some pictures of Blackie.

Blackie mem 1

Blackie mem 2

Blackie mem 3

Blackie mem 4

Blackie mem 5

Blackie mem 6

Blackie mem 7

Blackie mem 8

Blackie mem 9


What beautiful pictures. He was a magnificent boy!


I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful Blackie. A real character by the sound of it and well loved by not just his Family but his community. Xxx


Hi Debra and George.
Sorry - we've been off the computer for a wee while. We're very, very sad to hear of the death of dear Blackie. He was indeed a wonderful character We remember bringing him home to you one night many years ago. Fortunately we had a chance to see him one more time in Musselburgh.
You could never replace the boy. Only one was ever made.
Remember the good times ( many ) not the bad ( very few ). You have our deepest sympathies.
Run free dear Blackie over Rainbow Bridge with your many friends.
Uncle Jimmy and auntie Celia.