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Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020

The Great Global greyhound Walk 2020 is provisionally being rescheduled for Sunday 4th October.

With lockdown restrictions in Scotland being lifted more cautiously than in England I am honestly not sure whether or not to register for this walk.

I would be grateful for your comments and opinions on this.

Re: Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020

What are the consequences for GRF if you registered for this walk and then had to pull out? Is there a financial penalty?
How long can you leave it before making a decision? 4th October is three and a half months away. A lot could change between then and now.

Re: Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020

We have taken the decision to provisionally register for the Great Global Greyhound Walk on it’s revised date of Sunday 4th October. This will be subject to Scottish Government guidance at the time. At the moment it is still registered as Riverside Park, Glenrothes but this may be subject to change especially if social distancing is still recommended as this walk doesn’t really lend itself to allowing this.

We are hoping to be able to run some walks this year, but only when the official advice says it is safe to do so.

Re: Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020

We have decided to switch venue for the Great Global Greyhound Walk (Sunday 4th October) from Riverside Park, Glenrothes to West Sands Beach, St Andrews. There is much more room to spread out at St Andrews so social distancing should be possible - this just isn't the case at a lot of our regular monthly walk venues.

This is assuming, of course, that Scottish Government guidelines will allow groups to meet at the time.

Re: Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020

Many thanks, Steve, great news re the walk. St Andrews much better for social distancing and the dogs love it. Hope to see you there on 4 October.

Re: Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020

For information, the Great Global Greyhound Walk has been cancelled for 2020. The organisers have issued the following statement


With great sadness we have made the decision to cancel the Great Global Greyhound Walk 2020.

The Greyhound Walks charity that runs the GGGW feels it is inappropriate at this time to encourage people to go out and meet in groups. For everyones safety we have decided to cancel.

We would like to thank our walk organisers for committing to this years walk in difficult circumstances and apologise that the decision has been made so late.

The GGGW team would love you all to still walk your hounds with pride on Sunday 4th October, wear the colour theme of blue if you wish, and send in your photos to our facebook group. Although we won't be counting numbers, we feel that we can all still unite 'together' across the world, doing our daily walks as individuals.

We did have the option of registering private walks only but this would be more work for the GGGW team, with little consequence to our aims of promoting sighthounds as great pets.

We have put our hearts and souls into trying to carry on this year but sadly the worldwide COVID-19 situation has not improved enough for us to see it through and continue.

We will continue with the theme of blue for next year so any merchandise purchased this year will be applicable to next year too. Our shop on the website will close this Friday (28th).

We will bounce back in 2021!

Take care, hug your hounds and keep safe everyone x