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Prices are rising.

Hi Everybody.
Getting vet work done is becoming more expensive. At the same time, in such an uncertain world, it is becoming more difficult to get money in ( no Dog Show, no boarders, etc ).
Consequently, with apologies, we have to increase our prices.
Male castrates are now £110 and female spays are £150. This is exactly the costs of neutering.
On top of that you get, free of charge, the dog vaccinated, ( £40 ) a collar ( £5 ) and a lead ( £6 ). So every time the dog goes out it gives the new owner a £51 bonus.
We're sorry but it is all happening this year.
Jimmy and Celia.

Re: Prices are rising.

An absolute bargain in my opinion. When you see what people pay for glorified mongrels that are not vaccinated etc and do not come with a collar, lead etc. You get a pedigree dog ! Maisie came with a full family tree details. Well worth the cost