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Gem, now Amber

Thank you so much for choosing this girl for us - she is settling in remarkably quickly and we had a very peaceful first night. Amber has been completely clean in the house so far, walks beautifully on the lead, is coping well with all the new sights, sounds and smells. Even better she has shown only polite interest in our neighbours’ smaller dogs. She has identified her favourite bed and has spent her day snoozing or pottering about. Jazz isn’t entirely convinced yet but they seem to get along ok as she’s so gentle.

It’ll be interesting to see her character coming out as her confidence develops - she has already shown a cheeky side in pinching a bag of treats and taking it to her bed (though she didn’t eat any). We will keep you posted but it’s been a great start.

Re: Gem, now Amber

Thank you Liz.
We knew she was a nice dog but it's very nice to hear it confirmed and all is going well.
Please keep in touch and give them both big cuddles from us.
Thank you for taking Amber into your loving home.
Jimmy and Celia.