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Pictures of Mustang

Hi Celia and Jimmy,

Mustang has settled in really well. It's now been over 6 weeks since I brought him home. He's such a good boy and so well behaved. He loves his country walks and has been in the car a good few times now. He loves to walk in the fresh air and get a good sniff about. He travels well but hesitates going back home but he gets there. Just a little encouragement back into the car and he's fine. He's eating well, and staying strong and has a wee rough collie pal he enjoys walking with.

He sleeps at my feet while I work in the office from home and loves to go walking with his gran on his morning walks. He has another wee pal, a labradoodle. She loves licking his ears which I think he really enjoys lol.

Only had one howler a few weeks ago, he was sleeping downstairs and at 3am, I heard this almighty howl....spooked me out of bed! Not sure if something outside spooked him, but he happily trotted back to bed and nothing since then. He's got his own bed in his own bedroom now next to mine - he's a pro on the stairs. He learned very quickly after getting stuck upstairs one evening - one trip downstairs with my friend aiding us, and he mastered them in a day, no aid necessary.

I thought I would send on a few more pics, just to say thanks again for pairing us up together. He's my big buddy now, loves his cheeky 5 mins chasing me around the house and loves his night time massage on the rug.

Tracey x

Mustang at home

Mustang at home

Mustang at home

Re: Pictures of Mustang

Thanks for a lovely update Tracey He looks fantastic. Seeing what he gets and hearing how he's treated makes me think I could do worse than come back as one of your greyhounds :laughing:
He is at last getting the lifestyle that he dreamed about - his promised land.
Please give him a big hug from uncle Jimmy and auntie Celia.