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Dear Celia and Jimmy,
Well it's been 4 weeks now since I've been with my new mum and dad and I'm having a ball!!.
My new big brother Bomber is looking after me well and guiding me in the right direction every day. He's really cool. I've settled in really well and love my new mum and dad - especially mum - I like to follow her everywhere and watch everything she does. I have a lovely new bed with soft covers and teddies to snuggle up to and play with. I love my walks seeing all the new sights - except the ones in the dark - don't like them!!. I feel great and mum says I'm very pretty. Everyone of mum's friends that I've met say I'm lovely. I like to be friendly - it helps me get cuddles!. The Doctor gave me a once over and I'm up to date with my jabs and has a lump removed but apart from that I'm fine. Mum gave me a lovely new name that I really like - Tessa. When she calls me she shouts Tessie Bessie!!.I'm very happy here.
My big brother's not too well. Mum took him to the Doctors and he has to take something called Vetmedin and Metacam. Mum told me he's got a wee bit of arthritis and a dickie ticker. But he's happy and we get on really well. We like each other a lot.
Well it's time now to say thank you for being my temporary mum and dad and for choosing me for my new family. We all love each other a lot and are all very happy together. Dad says I'm in for a wee shock as it won't be long before things called trees go up for something called Christmas? Apparently he's going to watch me in case I like things called baubles!?
Signing off now and sending love. Thank you once again.
Lots of love and all the very best.
(and Bomber, mum and dad)

Re: Sophie

Hi Tessa,
It's great to hear that you love your new home and family. You are very lucky there that you have your new friend Bomber and your mum and dad.
Tell your mum and dad that you are being treated so well uncle Jimmy is coming back as one of their greyhound puppies. Please give poor Bomber a big cuddle from his old auntie and uncle.
You take care now and look after your family and if you are all near the kennels drop in and see us all.
Uncle Jimmy and auntie Celia. :grin: