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Marty and Jewel

Hello folks! I'm posting an update here today in regards to Marty and Jewel, who we adopted from GRF just three days ago, on the 3rd of November.

You could be forgiven for thinking that they'd lived with us for thre weeks rather than three days, with how well they're settling in. Admittedly, last night was definitely a challenge - with all the fireworks being let off, both of them were more than a bit frightened. However, with the help of some blankets and some company, the two of them pulled through - and despite a bit of anxiety about the outside world this morning, they both quickly bounced back and were happy to be outside once they realised they weren't going to be subjected to any further loud booms.

At time of writing, I've just finished work for the day - working from home means I'm about and keeping them company, and the two of them have decorated the floor with themselves not too far away. They seemed to fairly quickly decide I was boss dog, and therefore have made a point of making sure they know where I am - though already they're no longer in need of constant assurance that I haven't met an untimely end just because I'm out of sight, thankfully.

Ian and Beth both send their greetings along with mine: we're all very grateful to have such a lovely pair of dogs in our house, and it's safe to say the impact they're having is positve - we're definitely all getting a bit more exercise, and getting out of bed just a bit earlier these days :)

Jewel will be off to the vet's next week for her jabs and chip, and then Marty will be along with her a couple of weeks after for the follow-up. Should all be well we expect.

We'll have pictures to share in due course!


Re: Marty and Jewel

Thank you all for taking them into your home.
We're so glad that they are settling so well.
Please give them both huge cuddles from us and thank you for taking them into your home.
Very best wishes from Celia, Jimmy and their pals at the kennels.

Re: Marty and Jewel

A bit of an update, as it's now been several months.

Somewhat unfortunately we ended up having to give Marty back to GRF as he did not really settle into our home. We were very sad to see him go, but we knew we had to do what was best for him - and as of today when I'm posting this, I am very happy to see that he found his new forever home only a few short weeks thereafter.

As for Jewel? She has settled quite happily into the role of sole family pet, and has taken to her training in earnest. She's an attentive and quick study, and has rapidly learned how to come when called, how to sit and lie down, give a paw, and is learning more on a daily basis. She's a bit of a cuddle monster and loves making friends with everyone she encounters, dog and human alike.

We've been gradually getting her used to the idea that there will be periods of time when one or two of her favourite humans will be out of the house, in preparation for when workplaces reopen. Thankfully, she's showing that she's quite happy to laze around fast asleep, so long as she's in one of her favourite spaces where she feels safe. We feel confident that she'll be just fine, so long as she has at least one of her humans around should she start to feel lonesome (which, of course, she will).

She's also due a visit to the vet soon for her spaying, plus a bit of work on her teeth. No doubt she will give us the saddest eyes for a while after she's had her operation, but we're sure she'll find it in her heart to forgive us afterwards!

Suffice it to say, she is very happily settled and has made herself a permanent fixture in our house. It properly feels like home with her around, and we're certain she'll have a long and happy life with us.