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Fairyhill Vixen (A poem for Foxy).

Diana the huntress
but Foxy by name
My glorious vixen,
who’ll never be tame.

She sleeps on my bed
She cares for the others
She orders the chew sticks
for sister and brothers.

Her legs growing weaker
Her stamina less
Her will ever stronger
My steely princess.

She’s near to the end
of her wonderful life.
She’s given me trouble
Caused heartache and strife.

But I love her forever
Sweet spirited witch
In the words of her trainer
She’s one “Great wee bitch”.

Foxy memoriam
BUT these ARE real rabbits!

Re: Fairyhill Vixen (A poem for Foxy).

A fitting and heartfelt tribute to your wonderful, feisty girl, Marion. Sleep long and well, Foxy. Xx

Re: Fairyhill Vixen (A poem for Foxy).

That's a beautiful poem for a beautiful girl :heart_eyes:

Re: Fairyhill Vixen (A poem for Foxy).

Hi Marion,
Yes, it's a beautiful poem that tells us that the love between Foxy and her mummy will never be broken.
RIP dearest wee girl.
Uncle jimmy and auntie Celia.