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Merry Christmas Wishes to all my GRF pals!

Hallo everyone, just wanted to drop in to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I sure do miss you folks at the kennels, & most especially all the fabulous four legged friends <3

I have been continuing to read the GRF fb from which I note only Sparky is still looking for a home from the dogs at the kennels from when I was there-you guys are amazing with what you do for these dogs.
Please can someone update me about Duke? Is he still with you? I think of him often & send him SpecialPumpkin Hugs across the always any news/updates/photos would be appreciated.

Me? I'm still here in Michigan, I've spent this year studying Massage Therapy at the local college whilst working nightshift in a residential care home as the health screening person(I screen the staff/anyone coming in to the building)....during December I'm also helping out at a Dollar store(helping a friend out who runs it)...if I'm very lucky Santa might bring me some sleep for Christmas!

Thinking of you all, stay safe & Merry Christmas.

Re: Merry Christmas Wishes to all my GRF pals!

I've only just spotted your message, Angie, how lovely to hear from you! It's great to have cheery news and it sounds like you are settling into life across the pond. You are right in thinking that Duke and Sparky are still residents of GRF. While waiting for the perfect home, you'll be glad to hear that the boys are often taken TOGETHER on adventures to places such as Blairadam Forest by Yvonne and her husband. They love having their little outings and I think travel well in the car. You know that both are kennel favourites and are loved and well cared for by everyone at GRF.

Hope that you have a happy Christmas and continue to keep in touch. Look after yourself.

Love from Linda