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Star has gone travelling

With great sadness, we have to tell you that our beloved gentle Star (formerly Starry) has left us.

She was enjoying life right up to the end, and reached the great age of 14 yrs 8 months. She can now chase squirrels and foxes to her hearts content and have an unlimited supply of forbidden treats. Despite our best efforts, she had us wrapped round her paw and was just our darling little diva.

She won hearts wherever she went and if we’d had a pound for everyone who’d wanted to take her home with them we could have retired to the Bahamas long since. Her sweet disposition won over the most fearful dog-shy person, in fact it was difficult to go for a short walk because those she met wanted to pet her; she had a knack of drawing people in without them realising it.

Celia and Jimmy, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the chance to share our lives with both Star and the big boy Pepe (still so missed). Sending you and the whole team much fond love. We think of you all often, especially during these highly stressful times. Take care and stay safe everyone.

We will be in touch in due course

Jenni and Graham 😘

Re: Star has gone travelling

Aw Gee Jenni and Graham,
We are so very, very sorry to hear about darling wee Star. She was a star in every sense of the word. Thank you for taking her into your home and giving her the long, happy life that all greyhounds should have but often don't.
There is a new star in the sky but your house is a little darker. We're so sorry.
RIP wee Star, run across the Bridge and play pain free with your friends.
With sympathy.
Uncle Jimmy and auntie Celia.