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Ginger the Wonder Girl.

Hi Everyone.

My name is Ruth and I adopted Ginger from Jimmy and Celia in 2015. She is now 9 years old and is on quite a lot of medication. I always took her to Glenbrae Holistic vets in Bearsden but due to the pandemic I live with my parents and teenage son in Stirling. Glenbrae did her bloods every year and sent them to the Jean Dodds Clinic in the states, she was monitored closely because of thyroid issues and arthritis. Ginger has 2 Youmove , turmeric, Gabapentin 400 before breakfast, 11 am a Thyforon, 2.30 pm another Gabapentin 400 strength, 5 pm her Galliprant 60mg then 8 pm a Thyforon again , bed time is Gabapentin 400 strength and turmeric followed by of course teeth brushing.

She still limps with her arthritis despite all the meds but not when running or doing a mad zoomy. The vets we attend now is Bruceview in Stirling and they gave us Paracetamol for dogs and I did the maximum dose for 10 days. No difference. They are now talking about Ketamine injections once a month.

Does anyone have a similar story or any advice? Ginger is such a happy dog but I do worry she is still in pain on walks or if I see her limping in the house sometimes. I couldn't stand to think there was something more I could do for her but am not aware of what that might be. She is very loved and has many humans now in this multigenerational household to cart round her various beds and feed her treats round the clock.

Re: Ginger the Wonder Girl.

Hi Ruth,

Sorry I have no advice to offer to help Ginger but perhaps you can post this question on the Greyhound Rescue Fife Facebook page. Lots of families seem to ask questions there and there’s usually someone who’s had experience of the same issue. Hope you find something that works x

Re: Ginger the Wonder Girl.

Hi Ruth
Might be a silly question, but have corns been ruled out as a potential cause of poor Ginger's limping? Many vets miss this and the discomfort can be excruciating for our poor hounds. Just a thought. Good luck x

Re: Ginger the Wonder Girl.

My greyhound, Foxy, suffered with osteoarthritis aged 13+ and did well on Galliprant although the efficacy plateaued after a while. She had Seroquin as a joint supplement and, latterly, Tramadol for extra pain relief.
I can only say that, from my experience, I was led by Foxy as to how much or little exercise she would have. On good days she tottered happily round the village, meeting her adoring public and sniffing every scent mark along the way. On bad days we just went slowly along the drive and back, playing "catch the biscuit" as a distraction. I honestly think you will know when her pain level exceeds her wish to move about and engage with life, as you clearly love her.
A word of warning, when Foxy was ready to die, she became quite restless and wanted to keep walking, despite the pain. Apparently it's not uncommon but I only found that out later and probably kept her going a day or two too long. We wish you well and understand your distress.

Re: Ginger the Wonder Girl.

Thanks for lovely replies. I had another trip to the vet and (spot on Linda) there is a small corn on one of her pads. The vet discussed ketamine injections and a newer one with less side effects. I opted for the newer one on a monthly basis to see if it helps. She is ok with the germolene being rubbed into the corn and no running around for a week or so. Really boring round the block walks. I hope this makes a difference. Ruth and Ginger xx

Re: Ginger the Wonder Girl.

Hi again Ruth. Fingers (and paws) crossed that the new treatment gives Ginger some relief from her pain. If the corn continues to contribute to the problem, you might like to look at a Facebook group called "Greyhounds with corns" (yes, there does seem to be a group for every conceivable affliction!). They have lots of great advice for tackling the pesky things from bathing to surgery. It was invaluable for my late "corn boy".