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Hello Celia & Jimmy,
I hope this finds you both well - Jimmy I hope the impending treatment you were telling me about went - and continues to go well?.
I thought, as I know you like to know, that I would give you a wee update on Viper. I got him on the 25th of March if you remember.
We've changed his name to Badger - because of the white stripe down his nose!! AKA Badgy Boo. He answers to both!!.
He is going to be a superb dog but with him, it will take some time. As you know sometimes it takes just a wee bit more love, patience, understanding, routine and time. He has a naturally gentle and loving nature but is absolutely terrified of ANY type of noise whether it's a golfer teeing off, one of the chaps making a noise playing footgolf, the kids playing or someone shouting. Poor soul cannot cope yet with new surroundings so I just let him let me know when it's time for him to go home when/if he gets a bit scared and fretful.
He runs from most men, particularly the younger ones (funnily enough the ones with dark hair) but I'm lucky - he's been ok from the very beginning with my hubby and they've had a few cuddles. He's fine with women so I can only assume he's not been treated very well by a dark haired guy during his racing "career"!!!
It sounds as if I live in a town but we don't, we live a mile and a half outside Brechin just by the golf club in the hamlet of Trinity!. Which is why I'm taking things slowly with him.
Tessa is brilliant with him and is a great sister. They share a bed occasionally and share their food too by swapping bowls regularly during feeding - don't know what that's about but I don't care as long as they eat.
He is a beautiful dog and they make a striking pair and he will in time as I say be fine and we look forward to having many many years with him and Tessa.
Thank you for letting him chose us and for us choosing him!!
All the very best to you both as always
Seonaid (from Brechin) xxxx