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Thanks to Inglis vets 24 Hour Hospital, Dunfermline from Fantasy and GRF

When Fantasy slipped and broke his shoulder bone he was lucky enough to have a student vet nurse in his corner. Erin Williams tells us the incredible story of the skill and generosity shown by Inglis Vets 24 Hour Hospital, Dunfermline, in getting Fantasy on the road to recovery, and a very special new home.

Fantasy came to Inglis Vets in the early hours of July. I was one of the student nurses who cared for him while he was in the wards. He was uncomfortable and scared, but he would always look up at me and eat from my hands when I went to check on him. This was the first moment I felt a connection with Fantasy. It wouldn’t be till a few weeks later that I realised how much we needed each other. Every spare moment I had, I would go check up on him and sneakily feed him a biscuit or two. This was always the highlight of my day.

He then took a bad turn at the end of the first week of his stay, with many vets agreeing that euthanasia would be the best option for him. On hearing this, I had to take a little tea break to compose myself. I had only just put in his adoption the day before. But he continued to fight. All the nurses and vets took special care of him 24 hours a day; feeding him bacon rolls, ice cream and lots of TLC. On the second week of his stay, a few vets set up a fund of their own money to help pay for Fantasy’s treatment. Everyone at Inglis had taken a huge shine to him and refused to give up on him.

Soon it was time for him to be discharged. Celia from Greyhound Rescue Fife and I agreed that it would be best if he came straight home with me. Now, 3 weeks later, Fantasy is happily snoozing on his duvet, visiting the pet shop and going on beautiful walks in the glen. He is on a regime to build up his muscles and get healthy again. I can’t go anywhere without hearing his little paws following along behind me. Not only does he bring comfort to me, he has brought love to my other dogs; Bailey the cocker spaniel and Cookie the dachshund.

He is a very lucky boy to have come out the other end and I am grateful for it everyday. When I bring him for a visit to Inglis, everyone is so happy to see him and to see how well he is doing. It was only my first placement block and I did not expect to be taking any animals home yet, but I am honoured to be able to give Fantasy his forever home.

Thank you to the Inglis Vets team and Greyhound Rescue Fife,
Erin SVN

Photo credit - Murray Lole