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Scottie and Libby

I've posted a few updates in the facebook group but wanted to post something here as I know Jimmy and Celia read this sometimes. Scottie and Libby arrived in Boston just over a month ago and have quickly adapted to their new surroundings especially with moving around a lot the first few weeks. We moved into our new house two weeks ago and can't wait for the weather to get warmer so that Scottie and Libby can enjoy our new garden. In the last month, they've already experienced their first snowstorm (we got 2+ feet of snow!), have met tons of new doggie and human friends and have even tried some new foods. They've also had the chance to teach a lot of people about greyhounds as they aren't very common over here and many people have never seen one before.
I couldn't figure out how to include any pictures here but if someone knows a way, I'll try to get some added :slightly_smiling_face: