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Drom Sparky

Hello Celia and Jimmy, I hope this finds you well.
Just a wee update post three months of her being here re Drom Sparky.
I changed her name to Ruby and she rules the roost!!!. She loves her bed, badger's bed the spare bed for them and ours!!. So she's continually comfy. She's a lovely lovely girl and she and badger love each other very much and like to snuggle up together no matter how small the space. Her trigger point is quite high but we're working on that and every day is better than the day before. I'm so glad Badger chose her.
Unfortunately, my heart is bigger than my capabilities and due current circumstances at home and pressures at work I cannot dedicate myself to taking another dog no matter how much I want to. It's not fair on the dog - so for the moment - I must go against my promise to come down and see Toffee. My husband's disability has a great deal to do with this and I'm very very sorry to let you down. God willing she will get a new home very soon. Bless her. However my heart is still hers so .........
Much love and kind regards
Seonaid from Brechin