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January Lucky Number Draw

Hi everyone

Another year of the dog lottery which started in 2007. Over the years it has grown in numbers which means all the more money for the homeless hounds. This month we have 163 numbers in the draw. This will be split as £195.60 to GRF and £130.40 to the winner.

I’ll make the draw early this evening and post live video on Facebook.

I’m considering making a change to the way the numbers are drawn. I would like to use an electronic lottery number generator which would bring us more up to date instead of my old bingo machine. It would mean, though, that you couldn’t choose your own numbers, your numbers would be in a sequence if you have more than one number and you may not have the same numbers each month. I would post a list of all names and numbers prior to the draw taking place. Your chance of winning will not change. The draw would still take place by live video.

Please let me know what you think by commenting below or if you have any questions.

Thanks to everybody who has and continues to support the dog lottery .

Re: January Lucky Number Draw

This month’s winner is Andrea Farquhar with number 31x. Congratulations Andrea.

Re: January Lucky Number Draw

Hi Fiona,
Thanks again for your tireless, excellent support.
I would think these changes would bring it into line with what is now becoming the norm across the board.
If i makes life easier for you go for it.