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Re: Loincloth on classic TV.

Nice Loincloth,

the quality of the Videos is very bad on youtube

Re: Loincloth on classic TV.

If we're talking about television, I can think of a few loincloths on cartoons, but don't know the episode number. (Loincloths are a good reason to watch the 90s Conan cartoon, even after it was revealed as "Conan watched three young heirs to the throne.")

Most recently, Steven Universe included loincloths in the zoo arc. Pink Diamond kept a human zoo, and the zoo evokes Eden in most ways, but the humans wear a vest and loincloth.

Re: Loincloth on classic TV.

I haven't added much in the way of loincloths in animation ... I do have the Conan cartoon series. I myself appreciate the loincloth as shown in cartoon and comics and will strive to add more to the site for those who agree.