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Re: Homeland and Loincloth Habits

Well. then: let the necessary underwear be a loincloth :)

Re: Homeland and Loincloth Habits

Funny thing is, some plains Indian men wore skirts over their loincloths. (At least for plains Indians, it is a man's garment.) For a Lakota Sun Dance, the skirt is the proper clothing. Just a funny thing the idea of wearing a loincloth under a jolt made me think of.

Re: Homeland and Loincloth Habits

Hello everyone. I live in the North of France and I wear a loincloth when I go for a walk in the forest, when the temperatures are hot. It's been 10 years that I practice, what I call, "The Loincloth Hiking". It's so nice to be shirtless and barefoot with just a loincloth around the waist on the forest trails.

But I still do not know if I am in violation of French law. Theoretically I would say no, because my private parts are not visible. I have already met walkers but no one has ever told me anything. So I continue to walk in loincloth in the forest. But one day I would like to leave the forest trails and hike in loincloth on other unknown paths.
Sincerely Haraak.

Re: Homeland and Loincloth Habits

Vive le pagne !

(I hope I got it right :)