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Loincloths in Comics - updated and revised

I have been spending some time updating the long neglected Loincloths In Comics section. I have revised it to be much like the films section whereas there are selected images from comic issues.

Not sure how much interest there is in Loincloths In Comics. As person who grew up in the 60's and 70's I found the Tarzan, jungle and western comics to be very interesting. Who of us didn't want to be swinging on vines in the jungle and living out the stories depicted in the comic book panels. For me, the depiction of the wearing of loincloths in such comic issues was the main interest. Who didn't want to be Tarzan or his son Korak, living in the jungle, barefoot and loinclothed?

Please, take a look and let me know what you think.

Loincloths In Comics

Re: Loincloths in Comics - updated and revised

I've looked through a bit of it, and looks good so far! Thanks for sharing these, Karsten! (I'll look through the rest when I'm more awake.)

Re: Loincloths in Comics - updated and revised

Oh, there's interest. Warlord exists, after all. (Somehow DC ends up sending everyone to Warlord's world.) And Marvel brought Conan to modern times for Savage Avengers.