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Help! Making a new loincloth

Hi everyone,

Hoping you guys could help with a couple of things as I try and make a new loincloth. I've made many cloths through the years, some better than others, but the main issue I've always found is finding the right material.

I should say that the kind of loincloth I want to make is less of a traditional, real world example but like something you'd find in a Tarzan movie or the like. With the right material and design I'm hoping to make something that could pass off as a movie costume.

I know basically that leather is the right material but other than that I don't know what kind or where to source it. Karsten, I hope you don't mind me linking to pictures on the site but below are some examples of the kind of thing I'd like to make:


This material looks to me almost like some kind of suede? These looks to more more like regular leather:


I have tried making loincloths from leather before but the leather I've had has either been too thin and easily tearable or much too thick, almost like upholstery leather, which often doesn't hang right and can be uncomfortable.

The best loincloth I've ever had was made from chamois, it was very strong and had a good weight without being too thick. The downside however is the colour. I know I'm being picky but I don't care for that yellow/tan look! I'm yet to see a Tarzan movie where a light coloured loincloth is used. Feel free to school me!

In terms of design I figure that the simple long cloth between the legs held with a waistband, a la Weismuller, would be best so I will need to find a long piece of material. That said, if you guys have any tips or directions for how to make a more complex movie style loincloth I'd love to hear.

If you guys have any suggestions or guidance I really would appreciate it. Even better, if you guys know exactly what I should get then please drop me a link. I should say that I'm in Europe if that makes any difference.

Apologies for the long post and thanks for reading!

Wishing all fellow loincloth fans the best of health and luck! And of course, eternal thanks to Karsten for this incredible resource!


P.S - If anyone is at all interested, you can see me and the cosplay/photomanipulations I make here https://www.deviantart.com/j-of-the-jungle/gallery/