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Re: Help! Making a new loincloth

Hello John and sorry because my english is not god enough to understand your request.
For my loincloth, I used natural lambskin but it doesn't exist anymore.

Here some links where I buy it.

Good work in making your new loincloth John.


Re: Help! Making a new loincloth

Hi John,

I have purchased leather loincloths from Ebay ... a few were used in films and were from the Western Costume Company. There is a seller who I have a link for under the marketplace section of the site called Debbie's Leather who makes leather loincloths. (I guess the Indian Trading Company is no longer so I'll have to remove the link.)

One thing you can do is connect two smaller sections of leather (the front and back flaps) with a brown fabric thong sewn to the inside top of each flap to connect them so as the loincloth can be worn over a belt or tied at the waist. This is how most of the Western Costume Company loincloths were made and they were comfortable and felt authentic.

Hope some other loincloth fans respond with some suggestions and thanks for being supportive of the site.


Re: Help! Making a new loincloth

When buying leather to make a loincloth, do not get cowhide, its too thick. The best is lambskin or deerskin, but make sure its not too thin, it will tear apart.