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Hope all are well

...And keeping enough distance on the trails if you go out!

Re: Hope all are well

Thanks for asking. Symptom-free, alive and loincloth-wearing here ;)

I hope you too :)

Re: Hope all are well

Still here and all is well (-ish). Guess I got back from Rapa Nui and Tahiti just in time.

Re: Hope all are well

Just wear a loincloth around your place.

Oh, by the way, Robin's 80th anniversary soecial features Grayson in a loincloth. Something about Spyral (an arc I never liked, Tom King writes Dick as a himbo when all the Robins are that overachieving kid) and Gorilla City.

I liked Jason's story (He steals his new father's watch to fix it.) best, though.