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Re: Cheap loinloth-like thing from aliexpress

NoKey: That thing does look kinda cool. Looks like basically a thong or a speedo, with extra flaps on it.

Jon: I wouldn't say zero skill, but for the kinds I wear, it is pretty low, with no sewing required. You need less than 2 yards/meters of cloth for a simple breechcloth held up by a belt, and at least 3 for a 1-piece loincloth you tie around yourself. Cut it about 10-16 inches/25-40 cm wide, and you're good.

Re: Cheap loinloth-like thing from aliexpress

Well, just some measuring and cutting.

There's also the "half" style, just an apron held up by belt in front. Not seen much anymore, but there was a Lakota tiospaye (extended family) named after it.