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Gallery: New fur breechclout

Here's a new 'clout made out of a couple cheap second-quality racoon pelts.

I gotta say, it's more comfortable to wear than the coyote fur 'clout I made earlier.

Re: Gallery: New fur breechclout

Nice! It sorta matches your own hair too, though I think the fur is very slightly browner.

Re: Gallery: New fur breechclout

Thanks, Aaron! The two pelts I sewed together aren't exactly the same colour; one's a little more brownish than the other. I'm sure our prehistoric ancestors would not have cared as long as they were close enough to look presentable.

The thought of coordinating pelt colour to one's own hair colour never occurred to me. I'm sure that at least some prehistoric people had the fashion sense and available pelts to do just that.

Along those lines...I have a redheaded, red-bearded friend who may start wearing breechclouts. I've already decided to gift him a red fox 'clout if he does--it should be a stunningly good look on him.