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Re: An different kind of loincloth

Before the northern hemisphere goes into hibernation, I'd like to share my experiences from past summer.

For my live-action role playing, I had made what is called in latin a subligaculum. That's the kind of loincloth roman gladiators used to wear. Basically, it's triangular and has only a real flap at the front. Viewed from a distance, it looks more like athletic shorts. I wear it with a leather belt, but not as broad as the gladiators did.

On one of the (very few) hot days, I decided to wear it for an outing to the riverside. So, I put on the dark blue subligaculum, a black leather belt, and threw some essentials in my loculus (the leather satchel, or messenger bag, that goes with it). Barefoot as always, I drove to the forest near the river.

Inspired by our fellow writer here, Haraak, I decided to do a hike in the woods before swimming in the river. I know the area well, and its many small footpaths running through it. It was such a pleasure to hike with so little to wear in the warm weather, with the ground still a bit soft from the rain a few days before. I encountered only a handful of other people, without any negative comments on my attire.

My hike became much longer than planned, but finally I went to one of my favourite bathing spots (unfortunately, the severe floods we had a few weeks after this changed the situation there quite a bit). The shore is gravel, but as an avid barefooter I do not have problems there. As nobody was in sight, and I did not want to get my only garment wet, I quickly dispensed with it and cooled off au naturel.

So greatly refreshed, I returned to my car and drove home.

I did not have as many loinclothed outings this year as I had in 2020, and I really look forward to next spring and summer.

-- LCFan
I liked reading all your experience and your trip, and I have no doubt that you lived a unique and incredible experience. Like me, I would like to walk among nature wearing my loincloth in the wild style to enjoy the route n.n

Re: An different kind of loincloth

That's a pretty nice story. I wish I could do the same.
I am a fun a skinny dipping when I can.

Re: An different kind of loincloth

A very beautiful day then. Especially if the people you passed were friendly. It is true that this year, summer was not really there. And like you, I impatiently await the return of the hot days to put on a loincloth and set out on the trails.