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Re: How have people been?

The weather here was unseasonably chilly and overcast at end of May and first couple weeks of June. Sure, I have fur breechclouts for cooler days, but there has also been an inconvenient detour on the roadway to favourite wooded area, adding about 20 km to the trip.

Now that hot, sunny weather is finally here, I'll likely spend a few sunny afternoons in a breechclout very soon.

Re: How have people been?

Just got back from French Polynesia and, naturally, rocked a Tahitian Loincloth several time while in the water. Photos coming to my Tumblr, soon

Re: How have people been?

In my situation, I do not usually go out almost anywhere, but it is not an impediment so that in my free moments after work I can wear my loincloth to do some activities, such as exercising, enjoying the night, relaxing, sometimes I sleep like this etc. The idea is to enjoy the little moments in being able to imagine that I am in the jungle like this ^^.